Green Cabbage (Sm. Cabbage or 1/2 Lg. Cabbage)

Red Cabbage (1/4 Sm. Cabbage)

Red Onions (1/2 Md. Onion)

Celery (3 or 4 Stalks)

Carrots (1 Sm. to Md. Carrot)

Zuchinni or Yellow Squash (1 Sm. Squash)

Butternut Squash (Optional)

Oil & Vinegar

Sea Salt


Shred Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage and Red Onions into appropriate size bowl.  Add thinly sliced Celery, Carrots and Summer Squash.  If using, add shredded Butternut Squash.  Toss thoroughly and serve with Olive Oil, your favorite Vinegar and Sea Salt.